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Enjoy Sound to the Fullest 

People love to be heard, whether they are speaking or playing music. At a weekend party, or to celebrate a personal milestone, festival time, weddings, corporate events, political rallies, or sports events; whether you want to play music for all to swing it, or just make announcements, deliver speeches, offer felicitations or prayers, you need a superb and professional sound system with wireless microphones, best line array of speaker systems, amplifiers, and probably recorders. Auditoriums, temples, mosques, cinema halls, and stadia — whatever be the venue where you need microphones, amplifiers, speakers and cabinets to house your sound system— we have the right equipment for your needs. Take a look at our offerings which give you the entire spectrum of items which make your sound system complete. Download the latest Product Catalog! Click Here  

Why N-Labs Products?

Dedicated Team

At N-Labs, we have an in-house engineering team and trained technicians who help you in implementing, establishing, framework structuring, tuning, integrating, testing, and after-sales service.

Post-Sales Service

We don’t just sell products; we believe in maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction. We provide post-sales services directly to complement your business and help you fulfil your vision.


With N-Labs, you get access to 24/7 technical support via phone, WhatsApp, and Facebook. We have a dedicated team that assists you with product queries, installation of PA systems, and administration issues.

Revolutionary Products

Quality and innovation are everything in what we make. Excellence in designing portable PA systems and delivering support services is a sign of respect for our customers.

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