An audio power amplifier is just what you want when you want to enjoy your music. After all, what is the fun of listening to music if half the neighborhood doesn’t get to enjoy it too? Here you get to see the onboard digital signaling process (DSP) features of the amplifiers which measure, filter, or compress continuous real-world analog signals. You get to enjoy sound which is truer to the original than most systems offer. Real-time changes are made possible by the XOVER. The FIR filters onboard per channel give you stronger control over output accuracy. Their power consumption is very low as low input power has a higher conversion of input to the output of voltage. Distortion-free transmission. Not just classical music, but even EDM can be ruined by distortions. With dynamic sound compression, you assure that any gain above the predefined threshold is smoothly reduced. The quality of the sound is vastly enhanced by the limiter, which evaluates the volume, and lowers it when it crosses a previously defined threshold. This means that such volume gains are prevented, and any sound mixing you do will engender the best results.