It is an unfortunate truth of the world that people will judge you by your looks before they consider your merits. When you see the front look of all the cabinets in which our sound systems are housed, you will be struck by the quality of our precision laser cutting. They use the best plywood for finesse in the finish. This sets them apart from other brands in India. The savvy use of wood and metal to create their bodies makes them lightweight. Therefore, they are easy to transport whenever you require them, and wherever your event may be. Our cabinets are designed to handle all kinds of situations and challenges as they are fireproof, waterproof, dust, and scratch proof. This makes them ideal for use outdoors in all kinds of weather. They are hand-painted, and their special coating makes them resilient in all kinds of weather. They are competitively priced, making it beneficial for all our customers. Whether you are looking at buying our systems or renting them, you can only be in a win-win situation.